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L'espace -Sicily, Italia




L'espace project was born in 2005 in Palermo, Sicily, with the aim of promoting and spreading contemporary dance and culture at local, national and international level. Since its inception, the Association has managed L'espace Choreographic Centre, which has become a reference point for avant-garde art and research, adopting a revolutionary and holistic approach in all its activities. In fact, over the years the Association has organised workshops and courses as well asevents and shows, establishing partnerships with various bodies and institutions including the A. Scarlatti Conservatory in Palermo, the Institut français, the Goethe Institut, the Cervantes Institute and local authorities. In 2018 he decided to join forces with the Quarto Tempo association by creating the Xinergie project. The added value of the Association is the Zappulla DMN dance company which bases its research on an innovative dance method created by Giovanni Zappulla, choreographer and dancer, and Annachiara Trigili dancer. The Natural Movement Dance method was born from the substantial union of contemporary dance, Taijiquan and Zhineng Qigong. This method is the expression of a study model consistent with human nature in all its aspects: bio-mechanical, energetic and psychic.

Zappulla DMN Company

The Zappulla DMN company was born in 2015 in Palermo, Sicily, from the experience of the previous company L'espace, it is responsible for promoting and spreading contemporary dance. The company is in permanent residence at the Xinergie Centre in Palermo, where cultural activities of various kinds take place in continuity with the artistic and pedagogical objectives of its association and founding team: contemporary dance, contact improvisation, theatre and music, Qigong and Taijiquan Chen style. The founding artists are the choreographer, dancer and teacher Giovanni Zappulla and Annachiara Trigili, dancer and teacher. One of the aims of the company is to stage a pure and natural dance, through the close link between mind and body, making the dancer a means to push the audience to live the show as an emotional experience within themselves.



Xinergie center

Piazza Sant'Anna 3

90133 Palermo


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