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La Galerie Chorégraphique, as an international artistic production office, aims to promote contemporary dance and pass on choreographic culture.

Founded by Jean-Pascal Blanchard and Thierry Gourmelen in 2001, its mission is to make dance accessible to a wide range of audiences, particularly those who are far removed from artistic and cultural offerings.


La Galerie Chorégraphique is committed to the local community,this regional involvement underlines La Galerie Chorégraphique's commitment to supporting and energizing the local art scene, thus contributing to the cultural and international influence of the regions.

La Galerie Chorégraphique also seeks to create federative events which are concrete examples testifying to its commitment to important themes, such as Women's Rights and Cultural Rights.

The Galerie Chorégraphique co-founded the Quartiers-Danse festival in Montreal, Canada, which is now in its 23rd year. In 2007, it developed a training and artistic production program in Benin, founding a subsidiary, the Boyi-Bowa, Arts & Société association, which works to train young people. By supporting international projects, it contributes to the mutual enrichment of cultures and encourages the emergence of talent in contexts where access to art can be limited. Since 2020, it has been developing an international network committed to making choreographic culture accessible to as many people as possible. It is also involved in the Danses-Cités-Carcassonne international festival. This cross-cultural cooperation strengthens links between artists, fosters creative exchanges and offers unique opportunities for learning and mutual inspiration.

The Galerie Chorégraphique stands out for its holistic approach to promoting contemporary dance. Its commitment to diversity and inclusion is demonstrated through concrete actions, making it an essential player in the dissemination and preservation of choreographic culture.



Domaine de Rivoire

Route de Cazilhac

Carcassonne - France


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